Technology Solutions for Healthcare sector​

We bring the latest technology available in the Market  to our customers to enable them to improve their workflow efficiency and utlise the huge  advancement in the digital revolution.

Some of the systems and solutions include smart Inventory systems, traceable healthcare asset systems, nurse call system, 3D printers for medical applications and medical research , workstation for imaging departments, Data archiving  system and other IT and technology solutions  

Smart Technology for assets tracking

Modern institutions require high quality maintenance, especially when it comes to equipment and estimation of available resources. Staff are often involved into searching for assets around a facility, which is time-consuming and generates additional costs. Asset tracking enables the real-time identification of equipment and devices, resolving staff problems simultaneously. The solution is available in two complementary systems: with  Beacon and with RFID. Each one finds application in various Departments inside the Hospital and other health are facilitates , contributing to cost reduction, efficiency improvement and process optimization.

Inventory & Supply Management

Gain fast control of your inventory and stock levels with some of our specialised  inventory system. Save valuable time spent searching for inventory and give safe & efficient care to your patients.

3D printing lab for medical and research applications

we provide end to end 3D printing technology solutions for the healthcare applications, our solutions include Supplying, installation & onsite training. we are exclusive  distributor  for some of leading 3D software development companies, we provide different  types of software that  are dedicated  to edit, file format conversion & slicing for 3d printing. 

we can help your edit and print any type of medical imaging data including images from CT , MRI , and  Ultrasound 

some of exciting applications for 3D printing is for guiding technique to be use  particularly for some of sophisticated medical procedures like in  heart , brain and orthopedic surgeries 

Long run UPS Power Solutions for Clinics and specialised hospital units

we design to a certain international markets a high  performance, compact and  long operation run UPS systems, these UPS systems are ideally used in the countries  where the National grid either it is unreliable and unpredictably does go off, or the Power is only available for few hours during day. The custom UPS systems are designed to help fast storing of electrical power( in less than 2 hours) when it is available and feed it back to the load when the grid goes off.  

All our systems  are designed to accept second line of energy like solar planes or gasoline generator. 

Virtual Realty Editing Software for ultrasound images

we are the UK exclusive distributor for canadian based software company that provides a unique and speciliased medical software, the software is used to edit the 3D Ultasound images in a very powerful way & also is used to convert almost any Ultrasound File format e.g, .Vol, .Dicom ,to 3d printable file format like .STL. the software also supports Virtual reality interface which makes the editing process a highly intutive task.