3D Printing Baby Ultrasound Scans

Over many years working in this business we have now the top quality equipment and software that enable us  to deliver a very high quality 3d printing models and in a very short duration , thanks to our  unique editing and converting 3D medical software.  ENGIOMED LTD is  the UK exclusive distributor for Canadian based software company that provides a unique and speciliased medical software, the software is used to edit the 3D Ultrasound images in a very powerful way & also is used to convert almost any Ultrasound File format e.g, .Vol, .Dicom ,to 3d printable file format like .STL. The software also supports Virtual reality interface which makes the editing process a highly intuitive task.
We provide this services to local and international  3D ultrasound clinics. 

if you are interested to bring this service to your clinic or want to be re-seller to our 3D printing service , get in touch now

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