More than 17 years experiences in medical equipment for Cardiology Diagnostic  Vascular Intervention  Intensive Care Units Operating Theatres  Minimally invasive surgeries   

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Hospital Air Disinfection Machines by Could Plasma technology

How Novaerus machines provide a unique solution to fill the gap in the current air disinfection cycle ?

Novaerus Machines

Novaerus Patented non-chemical ultra-low energy Cold Plasma technology For total disinfection. 

Our Main Business Divisions

Medical Devices

We provide equipment for Cardiac care units CCU, Intensive care units ICU, Operating theatres OT, & other specialised medical units

Digital Healthcare solutions

We provide various Digital Technology solutions including, nurse call systems, RF ID systems, assets tracking, elevated temperature screening systems, cloud stock inventory systems and other solutions.

Product development

custom procedure pack development, nutritional supplement product development,


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