Healthcare product design and Supply

We at ENGIOMED  always thrive to bring to our customers the latest technology and services available for the best value for money.

One of the services we provide for our customers is to aid them to bring their own  product to their their market.  we provide a full service from concept to finished product. Most of our custom products are manufactured and certificated by top European third party contract manufacturers.

Healthcare product design and Supply

We at ENGIOMED are always thrive to bring to our customers the latest technology and services available for the best value for money.

One of our services we provide for some customers is the Design a certain product for their own market use, most of our product are get manufactured and certificated by top European third part contracting manufacturers.

Nutritional supplement branding

Our Private label service is offered to those customers who are interested in building up their own brands of products of dietary supplements. Our Private labelling service of natural health products may have a significant advantage of being cost-effective, and protection for long-term marketing and branding investment.

We at ENGIOMED offer to our customers our long experience based in so many successful projects that we have achieved for various international customers over the last several years. What makes our service different and niche is that, we don’t limit our customers to one production facility, as the traditional contact manufacturers do, because we work with so many leading GMP contractors in the UK and Europe, packaging companies , raw material wholesale suppliers, graphic design houses, testing Labs, brand and marketing specialists in food supplements and other services providers. So, for each project we pick the right tools and integrate them to achieve the most cost effective products, high standards and with minimal lead time.
We as OEM Project Contractor are not only offering the service but also being a strategic partner who would work for the brands for the long- term success. In the past 8 years, ENGIOMED Ltd has been working with many successful brands in the marketplace.

Our team would start from first time of meeting our clients, to understand our clients requirement for products, and marketing strategy and regulatory requirement.

We are committed to achieve the best quality and most cost-effective solution for our clients and we would work and support our clients along the way.

Customer success is Our success.

At ENGIOMED we have the experience and competence to manage, produce and fulfill your next private label nutritional supplement product.

services and steps including:
Supply of Raw Materials, Product Formulation, Small to Large Batch Production, Packaging,  Bottling and Labeling, Regulatory Submission, Powdering, Hard 2-piece Capsule Filling, Tableting, Soft gels (Liquid and Oil), Liquid Extraction and Filling, High Efficiency Intelligent Film Coating, Solid Dosage Bottling and Labeling, Blister packaging, Custom Branding and graphic Design, Analytical Testing, Microbiology Lab, Export Documentation, Delivery and fulfillment.

Full product life cycle

we can manage the whole process of your next food supplement product from sourcing the high quality raw material, packaging , artwork and artwork design , to product analysis certification

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Products Under development

Currently Engiomed ltd is developing    few new and unique products, as these products at development stage at the moments , news and details are shared with  our subscribed customers via our news letter , if you want  to stay tuned register with our mailing list.