Three sided Dentrust toothbrush, Made in USA


1 x Three sided original Dentrust toothbrush

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Our Original DenTrust features an advanced 3 sided design that cleans 3 sides simultaneously with one brushing stroke. That makes DenTrust more efficient than a conventional toothbrush. The Dentrust Ultralon bristles are 200% softer than nylon and are 100% end-rounded to gently massage and protect gum tissue. Made in USA. Replace every 3 months.


Brushing Procedure: Simply slide the Dentrust toothbrush around your teeth and then brush, using short
back-and-forth strokes. The softness or firmness of Dentrust’s Ultrathon bristles can be manually adjusted to your preference. Simply hold the bristles
under your faucet while the water is running and adjust as follows:

Hot Water = Soft Bristle
Warm Water – Medium Bristle
Cold Water – Firm Bristle

Additional information

Bristle Material

Medical grade Ultralon bristles ,


Blue, Red, Yellow, Purple, Green, White


3 sided


Personal teeth cleaning




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