We help the Healthcare staff to fight against COVID-19

ENGIOMED now provide the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE), Antibody test kits and other medical products from our reliable international suppliers to make them available for those heroes who fight the disease on the front-lines

10 years experiences in the healthcare sector

Improving Healthcare is our drive and motive

We have been serving local and international Customers with specialised medical and technology products for many years

our main business divisions

Medical Equipment Supply

ENGIOMED Ltd helps many leading medical manufacturers and technology providers to deliver their products and services to the market with highest  standard and customer service. We work with our partners on long term business relationship

Many manufacturers have given us their trust to represent them and distribute their products into our market based on long term exclusive distributionship.

In early days of ENGIOMED we  started offering only few products for Coronary Interventional procedures, while  now the company products portfolio and supplying list is more than 250 items.

Our products are diverse across different medical specialties including Vascular Intervention, Cardiac Surgery, Electrophysiology, critical care, Gastroenterology, and other Specialties.

Contract manufacturing for Healthcare products

We at ENGIOMED  always thrive to bring to our customers the latest technology and services available for the best value for money.

One of the services we provide for our customers is to aid them to bring their own  product to their their market.  we provide a full service from concept to finished product. Most of our custom products are manufactured and certificated by top European third party contract manufacturers.

Technology Solutions for Healthcare sector​

We bring the latest technology available in the Market  to our customers to enable them to improve their workflow efficiency and utlise the huge  advancement in the digital revolution.

Some of the systems and solutions include smart Inventory systems, traceable healthcare asset systems, nurse call system, 3D printers for medical applications and medical research , workstation for imaging departments, Data archiving  system and other IT and technology solutions  

 Featured Product

Renewable Energy solutions for Healthcare

Our Solar Genertaor and Fast Charging Backup system ( SG-FCB), which are deigned and manufactured here in the UK ,  can offer a lot of advantages to hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Apart from the fact that it is a continual source of energy, here are some of the other benefits of switching hospitals to renewable energy.

1. Reduced energy costs

Although the initial investment costs are high, the cost of operation for our energy systems are much lower than that of fossil fuels once everything is in place. That reduces the energy costs for the hospitals thus allowing them to redirect the money to other projects 

2. Improved public health

Non-renewable sources of energy such as Diesel  and natural gas are associated with a variety of health problems including heart attack, neurological damage, and cancer. Replacing such sources with renewable energy will improve overall public health and reduce health costs significantly.

3. Environmental conservation

The SG-FCB  has a much lower carbon footprint than fossil fuels. Additionally, it reduces depletion of natural resources since it is produced from replenishable sources.

4. Stable energy sources

An increase or decrease in the fossil fuels supply directly impacts inflations. The cost of renewable energy source like the SG-FCB only depends on the amount of capital spent on infrastructure and not the cost of natural resources. The energy prices are, therefore, stable.

5. Maintenance free 

Since there are no engines and moving parts to generate or store the power in our SG-FCB systems, the maintenance required is almost none during the expected life span of the system and operational cost is the lowest from the any other energy sources. 


News about ENGIOMED ‘s new Products

Our own NEW Medical Products

Engiomed ltd  currently develop  two  new single use products , one for GIT application and the other for diabetes sector. Since these two innovative products are still in the development stage at the moments, news and details are shared excursively with  our subscribed customers via our news letter , if you want  to stay tuned register with our mailing list. 


About us

ENGIOMED LTD is a Technology and life science product and solution provider. The company was established in 2010 in Surrey by two directors whom have postgraduate degrees in  Medical engineering and Biomedical science. The company has since  grown from strength to strength.

Apart from our UK customers, Engiomed Ltd has been serving numerous  customers in middle east market for many years,  it has now very good presence via direct representation and also through a network of qualified local partners.

Our main Market now in the Middle east is the Iraqi market, the market that has great need of rebuilding and development. 


The healthcare  market in Iraq is expected to be one of the fastest growing in the region with the highest possible opportunities within the forthcoming years. We At ENGIOMED work very closely with doctors and healthcare givers to deliver the best and high quality of services and to help them improve the level  of healthcare system there.

We work with leading medical product manufacturers and technology solution provider to enable them to deliver their product or services into our market with the highest quality of services and standards. If  you have a medical product or service and you need help to  setup a reliable sales and distribution channel in any of the following countries  ( UAE, Kuwait, Iraq,  Qatar, KSA, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Oman)  or you want to extend your current sales operation there,  then just contact us now and we will be happy help. 

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